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The reason caffeine-free is important for you

There are many caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea and energy drinks. Natural Sky commits to offer caffeine-free herbal teas and here are the reasons for you to choose caffeine-free drinks.

Do you need caffeine to get you awake in the morning or keep you awake during the afternoon? If so, you constantly need caffeine and can’t live without them. If you can’t intake caffeine, your performance may drop. This is already a loop of addiction.

You can cut off caffeine by gradually replacing it with caffeine-free drinks. You don’t need to switch immediately. You can take a few weeks or a few months for a gradual shift.

At last, when you shift to 100% caffeine-free, your body may have some symptoms such as headache. It may continue for several days, however, you can be caffeine-free if you can get over these periods.

There are a lot of alternatives to caffeine drinks. There are a number of herbal teas with different tastes. You can go over to find your favourite herbal teas which suit your palette!

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