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Thank you for visiting Natural Sky! We are the proud retailer of food and personal care items that will enhance and boost your mood!

Our Vision is to provide people with a path to attaining positive mental health.

To achieve the Vision, our mission is:

1 – To offer products which have a long-lasting benefit to physical and mental health

2 – To spread our message of connecting people with the environment

3 – To actively support and contribute to positive and charitable causes

We commit to :

Offer quality products  at affordable prices

Source Australian grown and made products where possible

Source ethically and environmentally friendly products

Supply products with minimal packaging



Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and the hustle and bustle of the big city, it was during my teenage years that my beliefs and mental awakening really helped develop who I am and believe in today. As a teenager, I spent several years living on a small island off Southern Japan called “Amami Island” which profoundly changed my life. It was here that I began to feel comfortable and appreciate the benefits gained from being in a small community of open-minded people as well as gaining a greater appreciation of the beauty that comes from nature through the ocean and the mountains. It was during this time I realised the sense of belonging and connection would enrich my life.

Taking these ideals with me, I developed a passion about community trade and supporting those around me. My retail work experience during senior high school and  university influenced to shape my labour of love in putting together Natural Sky which has been my ongoing dream for over 15 years.

After starting out on a professional career, I had suffered from adjustment disorder which was caused by significant stresses and changes in my life. As a result, I lost control of my life, mental wellbeing as well as lost connection with people I cared about and just couldn’t enjoy real life at all.

It was only after giving birth to my beautiful son that I finally realised that life is so short and sought to take back control of my mental wellbeing. After reflecting on my past and thinking towards the future, I realised that I wanted to bring back that same sense of connection with people and the environment that I had growing up.

During my work life I had the opportunity to come to Australia and it was here I found that same connection and spirit that I sought from my younger, carefree days. With a fascination of Australia’s incredible nature and agricultural produce, Australia has provided me with a real sense of belonging.

This is the story that led to Natural Sky. It is through this experience and sense that I have sought and developed the product range that will allows Natural Sky to bring this to your life. I hope you can experience our Natural Sky products and experience the enrichment that they bring to your life. 

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